Puppy Day

Can you believe it? It's finally here. That day you have been dreaming for your whole.entire.life. You finally get to bring home a PUPPY! Are you ready? Let me answer that for you, probably not but that's perfectly fine. 

Plan on losing some sleep and if you don't like potty accidents, you do now. Let's take a guess... You were convinced that you were going to snuggle this new puppy all day weren't you?

Well good news, you can after...

You wake up 10 times throughout the night, clean poop off your floor twice, start your day at 4:45 am and call your local furniture repair store because their vampire teeth ripped a hole in your brand new couch cushion. Did I scare you yet? Good, I wasn't trying to. Not everyone experiences that, and I sure as heck didn't have to.

I provided 3 tips for you below to help your new puppy arrival go smoothly.

  • Comfort Blanket: Most puppies are still attached to their mother when they are getting ready to go home with their new humans. A small blanket can help keep them warm and resemble the comfort they had with their litter mates. To this day, my dogs comfort blankets go with them wherever they go. Crate, grandmas, vacation, etc. 
  • Your Scent: Research shows that dogs are most respondent to their owners scent. Providing something with your scent can help relax your new puppies nerves when they are practicing crate time. (This is also good for rescue dogs). I suggest a T-shirt or Pillow Case to keep by your new puppy to ease anxiety.
  • Stay Home: Yep. You read that right. Your new puppy is going to be overwhelmed by new scents, new parents, and a new home. The best thing to do your first couple days is stay home with your puppy. Slowly invite visitors over after, or take a few small trips to family/friends houses. Remember, this is a whole new world for them.

That's all I have for you today kiddos. Always remember, you are still a stranger to your new puppy and they can take a while to adapt. Drop us some love below ❤